MB – “SCS helped us successfully through a new system install, frm (sic) platform selection, to negotiating the contract, to implementation planning, and implementation management.  Quite helpful, and he even helped us address some “naysayers” along the way!  We truly could not have done it alone.””


HK – “SCS Advisory Group was far beyond my wildest expectations!  Steve was clearly more experienced and professional than we anticipated for our small company, but he worked with us as simply one of the Team. He brought some great ideas and helped us implement them in an easy manner.”


IT – “We have used SCS Advisory Group on multiple occasions for several years.  Always reliable, always helpful, and they truly do bring big company ideas for use in our small company. They are our ‘go to advisors’ for almost all things, including financial matters, projects, business contracts, cash management, and more.”


RS – “Steve is my ‘influencer’ across the whole management team. I like his style!”


RM – “When we first talked, I thought he was kidding when he told me that if I wanted to make the company better, his first effort would be aimed at helping me improve as a leader.  I admit that it almost ended right there, but I’m glad it didn’t.  He has been a trusted advisor for several years, and always very professional and on target.”


AS – “I own a small company and SCS Group makes me feel like I’m getting support from a fancy Wall Street crowd.  I really like their simple approach to helping make us better — and more profitable!”


TE – “I always worried about running out of cash.  Steve hasn’t taken away all my worries, but he has helped me better under (sic) cash forecasting and dealing straight on with money matters. He isn’t fancy and he is very direct.  Though not in a legal sense, he serves and acts as my business partner.”


WA – “WOW!”


CC – “Always abailable (sic), always helpful, and always very intersted (sic) in my satisfaction with his work!”