3 simple words that make the difference between wild success and just an average year!

The “big players” understand that the keys to success are found in Planning + Focus  + Accountability!  Set a goal by making a PLAN, sustain a laser FOCUS on achieving that goal, and be sure everyone on the Team knows their role AND is held ACCOUNTABLE for doing their part!!  It’s that simple . . . yet when I ask many potential Clients to “show me your Plan,” the response is often very disappointing.

Don’t be in that crowd who hopes the business will run itself . . . you’re a leader so take charge!  Make an ambitious 1-PAGE ANNUAL PLAN which describes your expectations  . . . communicate that PLAN across the entire Team, making sure everyone knows what is expected of them to achieve the intended results . . . drop the flag to signal “Let’s go!!!” . . . then hold people accountable for doing their part!!

Have a Team huddle routinely to discuss progress and next steps . . . make corrections as needed . . . let a few people OFF THE BUS if they continue to perform poorly and are unwilling to try . . . be an encourager and a motivator and a helper for the Team . . . and keep things SIMPLE!!

A 1-page Business Plan . . . a Monthly Playbook with periodic huddles to check progress and make adjustments . . . hire and encourage and retain the right people . . . and never, never quit!

Business success doesn’t just happen . . . it takes PLANNING & FOCUS & ACCOUNTABILITY !